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A dryer is a condensing appliance that uses heat to extract water from the clothes. This prevents mold growth and allows you to hang clothes outside on racks or in a dryer much faster. The dryer has a thermostat to regulate the dryer’s temperature and a heating element that heats the air as the dryer runs. The heating element heats the air as it passes through the ductwork, which warms your clothes and dries them. The dryer has a motor that turns the drum inside the dryer, which agitates the water in your clothes. To diagnose the problem and get you back up and running as quickly as possible, hire professionals like J & N Appliance. We can conduct a thorough dryer repair service on the dryers of our clients in Bradenton, FL.

When Fixing Dryers

There are a few different steps you should take when you need to fix the dryer. You should first unplug the dryer and let it cool down for about an hour before you do anything with it. You want to avoid shocking yourself or causing property damage by accidentally touching the coils when it is hot. Next, you should turn off the gas and electricity in the dryer. You need to do this because you don’t want the dryer to turn on during the repair process and electrocute you. The third thing you should do is check if anything is wrong with the heating element and the thermostat. If something is wrong, you can start with the repair work. If not, you can just clean the lint out.

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You might have many options when searching for companies that provide dryer installation and repair services in Bradenton, FL. But suppose you’re after the best value for your money. You can’t go wrong in opting for our reliable dryer repair and installation service. Not only are we known for the high-quality services that we provide at J & N Appliance but also for the budget-friendly rates that we offer. Offerings include customized services. We can also work according to your preferences and requirements. Talking about quality, rest assured that only high-quality parts will be installed in your dryer. That said, there’s no reason to fret about the cost of our high-quality services.

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